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As you probably already know if you’re here, Stockpair (http://www.stockpair.com) is the worlds leading Pair trading and binary options trading company. They first started in 2010 with only pair options trading, but have slowly gained traction and  in early 2012 developed further into binary options.

Today, they are easily becoming a market leader in this field due to their groundbreaking proprietary software. You see, most binary options brokers simply take existing platforms like Spotoption, and implement it into their website. Now Stockpair. They built a new platform from scratch and you can clearly see the difference.

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The important thing to do when choosing a binary options broker is to read reviews. I can honestly say that almost every Stockpair review I have read until now has been positive. Of course, no broker is perfect, and you’ll always get the odd trader who doesn’t understand something or had a negative experience, but in general, Stockpair can be considered one of the most trustworthy and indeed user friendly brokers currently in operation.

They have invest considerable resources to make sure that the binary trading experience is as good as possible for all users. If you don’t believe me, try a demo account yourself and you’ll see that I’m not just being nice.

So Who Is Stockpair?

Stockpair is operated by Nextrade Worldwide Ltd., They started operations back in 2010 as a pair options broker, and after having a lot of success in that field, expanded in early 2012 into binary options trading.

They developed and use their own proprietary software, which has been developed from the ground up for the sole purpose of providing a good platform for pairs and binary options trading. The user interface is very easy to navigate and understand,

The most important thing perhaps is that Stockpair is currently undergoing review by CySEC, and they expect to receive approval within the next couple of months.

Stockpair currently has 118 tradeable assets in their portfolio.

If you really want to know how good Stockpair is, check out a Stockpair review. Chances are you’ll get all the information you need and you will be convinced that they are the best binary broker currently available.

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Choose Your Own Expiration Time With Stockpair!

Are you tired of being subject to the expiration time dictated to you by your binary options broker?

Well, Stockpair has a great solution for you. With Stockpair YOU CHOOSE your expiry time and date. You can choose expiration times anywhere between 5 minutes and 150 days (!!). It doesn’t matter what the current time of day is, with Stockpair you do not have any FIXED expiry times. This is what real binary options traders need.

If you want to trade 5 minute binary options, you can’t do that with a broker who offers you fixed dates and times. Some brokers might not even allow you to enter trades with certain stocks at various times simply because there are no expiration times available currently. While that may be absolutel BS, that is actually the case with many brokers.

A real trader needs the freedom to be able to trade what and when he/she desires and recognizes a good trade entry point.

Register now at Stockpair and start trading like a real trader.

Stockpair on the verge of acquiring CySEC regulation approval

The binary options market is widely scrutinized since there are so many brokers that are not regulated and do not even bother to try and obtain it since it is purely optional. Since Stockpair has recognized that in order to be the leading binary options broker in the world, it is crucial to be regulated in order to keep customer trust, towards the end of 2012 Stockpair applied for CySEC regulation approval, and has apparently been in negotiations with them since then.

Our sources have told us that it looks like Stockpair’s wait is nearing an end, and they hope to be able to announce regulation approval within the next few weeks.

This is a huge step forward for Stockpair, as there are currently very few brokers who have managed to adhere to the very strict CySEC requirements. Non-compliance with any of the regulations usually results in dire fines. Over the recent weeks CySEC has exhibited their no-nonsense approach and has been giving out fines of up to 80,000 Euros to Forex brokers who failed to comply for various reasons.